[COMPLETE] Jam #4: Richard Senpai (6th-8th January 2017)


We will be trying out a new format, dubbed "SENPAI". Here's how it works:

  • Senpai is randomly chosen before the jam from a group of people who agreed to take on the mantle of responsibility. Or, people like Richard who I force to be a potential senpai.
  • Senapi can choose the format of the jam (Traditional random theme, or can start planning with everyone right away!).
  • Senpai is always chosen at least 2 weeks before the day of the jam.
  • Senpai can either come with his/her own idea, or ask the group for ideas and picks one.
  • Once an idea is chosen, just like in a regular jam, everyone still gets to work on WHATEVER they want.
    • For example, maybe Democore wants to work on the combat controls, or Richard wants to write dialog, or thegoatee decides to blow our minds by coming up with a cool idea for how to do interactive snowball fights. That's fine! So what does Senapi do?
  • Whenever someone has a question, they just ask Senapai
    • "Hey Senpai, should this monster have 2 or 3 horns?"
    • "Hey Senpai, is this a 2d or 3d game?"
    • "Hey Senpai, should the guy do thiiiiissss or thaaaaaaaaat"
    • And Senpai needs to make a decision.
  • Since a Senpai needs to sleep, (s)he should to choose a few Kohai to help out. These are jammers who can answer for Senpai when Senpai is busy meditating in the rock garden.
  • THE #1 function of senpai is to make sure that every jammer is having fun and has a clear path to contribute. If you want to help but don't know how, ask senpai! If you are not sure what path to take, and don't have a strong opinion, ask senpai!
  • The are only 4 requirements for being senpai:
    • In addition to all the things you normally do while jamming, you are willing to help make sure that every other jammer is having a good time and nobody is lost or unable to contribute.
    • You agree to make every effort to be available as much as possible during the jam. (This is a bigger ask than you might first think. We have a global group of jammers, and people in Germany need Senpai too ;_; ).
    • You have participated in at least 2 jams with game jammers in the past. (You must walk before you can run, Daniel-san)
    • You have to let me know you are interested so I could add you to the list of potential senpais.

Jam Information

Richard will be our SENPAI


Jam #4 will start on 6th JANUARY 2017 and will be our FIRST official jam of the year.

As always, if you have ideas, questions, or comments feel free to direct them at the group via mailing list or Slack. Richard or I will be updating this page as more information becomes available, so check back regularly~