[Completed] Jam #2: Storytime 2016 Dec 2nd-4th

Checkout the jam post mortem here: http://jamming.games/jam-2-storytime/

Kickoff Schedule

Storytime jam starts tomorrow December 2nd 2016 at 10:00am Eastern Standard Time (EST)

First we will be rolling for a random starting paragraph, it's not too late to submit an entry if you are interested. Right now we have three (see them below!).

From there we will be coordinating the branching story pieces with developers who are in slack. If you aren't going to be able to be on slack on Jam Day, but are interested in contributing story for the jam, please let us know and we can coordinate over email or reserve you a few slots.

By Friday evening EST we hope to have all the stories captured and organized into a tree for everyone to see! The first thing we would like to do is build a placeholder room for every story node, so that the entire game is "playable" before Saturday morning.

In the meantime, and for the remainder of the weekend, every jammer is welcome to pick any number of rooms and build assets for them! Whether you want to add 3d models, shaders, 2d elements, add sound effects, mini games, music ... please create whatever compels you and don't feel limited by what we start with! All we ask is that you do not change the story elements we lock in on Friday.

Just like in the last jam, programmers will be available to help get content into engine, and we'll find a place for every asset! So please create your heart out!

Detailed Jam Instructions


Our next jam will be focused on storytelling as opposed to action.


  • December 2nd 10:00am EST Start time!
  • We will randomly roll a "starting paragraph" (more on that in a bit) which we will use to as a foundation of our story.
  • We will be writing for most of the first day!
  • We will begin coding that evening, and developing the 3d scenes for the game through Saturday (the 3rd).
  • On the fourth we will polish everything up, fix any necessary bugs, and get it published online! Since we will be using web technologies I will try and host it directly in this website, woo!
  • December 4th we will wind things down, play, and celebrate another successful jam~


We will be building a collaborative, branching, choose your own adventure style interactive fiction game.

At the start of the jam a paragraph consisting of less than 200 characters will be sent to 2 team members at random. Those two team members will propose an Action and another paragraph consisting of less than 200 characters (the Result), and a Mood for their story. For example:


Prompt: You arrive at work, you sit down at your desk and stare at the clock on the wall, counting the seconds until you can get out of here.

Team Member 1: Go to the break room
Mood: Humorous
Result: You go to the break room, and there is an alien eating all the breakfast cereal.

Team Member 2: Turn on the computer
Mood: Mysterious
Result: You turn on the computer and are greeted by an email from a mysterious sender morpheus@matrix.de.co

Those two new paragraphs will then be sent to four other team members, who will respond with their own Action, Result, and Mood.


The last round everyone will recieve one or more paragraphs, from which they must write a Conclusion. These paragraphs will be placed into a tree and form the story of our game.


Each paragraph will be presented in a VR friendly room, where the two options are laid out for the player. The paragraphs will be displayed on screen, and sound / visual effects will be displayed. Players will choose which options they like to take until they reach a Conclusion. They can then replay and try different choices.


Right now we are looking at:

Submitted Storytime Introductions

  1. Tired of the daily grind you've decided to take a weekend for yourself in the solitude of Anaya National Park. Walking several miles into the woods, you find a comfortable looking spot and set up camp. You finish lighting a fire just in time to watch the sun go down behind a mountain range in the distance.

  2. You can't feel your arm. You are struggling to breathe. Ribs broken? Probably. Dislocated shoulder too. You hope you have a mild concussion, otherwise it'd be tough to explain why the room was spinning.

  3. On a lonely autumn night, you are woken up from your sleep by strange lights coming through the window of your farmhouse. You look outside, and see a strange meteor falling through the sky, landing on a nearby hill. You get dressed and go outside to investigate...